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 Map of where the cup currently is

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Map of where the cup currently is Empty
PostSubject: Map of where the cup currently is   Map of where the cup currently is Icon_minipostedFri Jan 28, 2011 7:29 pm

UPDATED 10/06/2012
Below you will see the NMAI Challenge Cup Map.
Follow the journey of the cup.

Please click on the trophy to see where it currently resides, along with contact details of the current holder.

Please make arrangements with the current holder to collect it if doing so. Please either let me know or if you are able "edit the map yourself" with the new holder. Please do not alter the order in which the people are listed. The person at the bottom of the list will be the current holder. Please reply to this thread when you have taken the cup to your airfield.
Full Google Maps version available HERE

View The NMAI Challenge cup in a larger map

Map of where the cup currently is Cup2
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Map of where the cup currently is
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