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 NMAI Challenge Cup & Shield - Trophy awards

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PostSubject: NMAI Challenge Cup & Shield - Trophy awards    Sat Jan 15, 2011 4:31 pm

Well folks, below is both trophies.
The pewter tankard is engraved with the NMAI logo and description, the "Top Gun" shield will be awarded yearly by the NMAI. The award will be awarded on Merit, most of which will be judged on the achievements of pilots who went and retrieved the pewter tankard from its various home(s). The tankard will be the trophy that will travel from airfield to airfield, there will be a laminated rule sheet that will be kept with it, it will have a box also. The Top-Gun shield will be held by an individual for a period of 12 months and will need to be returned to the NMAI at the end of that calendar year. The Tankard will also need to be returned to the NMAI at the end of the year and the whole things starts again. The holder(s) name will be engraved on the separate shields attached to the main trophy with the year they held it.
There will be a prize at the annual award that accompanies the trophy.
The competition is open to everyone, the cup can be taken to any airfield anywhere on the Island of Ireland, North or South. It must not be taken of the Irish Mainland

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NMAI Challenge Cup & Shield - Trophy awards
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