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 Strange Goings On

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PostSubject: Strange Goings On   Tue Jun 22, 2010 11:51 pm

We have been contacted over the past 2 days by concerned members worried about the intentions of 2 individuals who arrived at private fields last Sunday 20th of June in a silver Nissan Micra.

These individuals, with strong english accents, invited themselves not only on to the fields (some were quite clearly marked 'Private Property') but also into the members hangars where they wrote extensive details of all the aircraft and took pictures without introducing themselves. Even after they were asked who they were they just said that they were plane spotters and left.

With the theft of microlight engines, especially Rotax 912 and 912S, and avionics on the increase in the UK over recent years, we would be grateful if anyone might be able to enlighten us as to who these individuals are. In 1 case they appeared to have prior knowledge of the resident aircraft.

They would appear to have covered quite an area of the midlands on Sunday so it would be comforting to the airfield and aircraft owners to know for certain that they were just innocent plane spotters.

Thanks for your help

All the best

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Strange Goings On
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