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 Reasons to join the NMAI

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Reasons to join the NMAI Empty
PostSubject: Reasons to join the NMAI   Reasons to join the NMAI Icon_minipostedMon Dec 31, 2007 12:55 pm

Thank you for taking the time to visit the forums of the National Microlight Association of Ireland. Please feel free to register for admittance to the site even if you are not a NMAI member yet, this will allow you limited access to some forum topics, you can see many more of the forums, however to have un-limited access to all the forums and access to the live chatroom we require you to be a verified NMAI member.
Becoming a member is the first step many potential microlight pilots take, when you become a member we can offer you un-biased advice on training to become a microlight pilot along with assistance on how to do so. Likewise we can offer advice on plane purchase and the NMAI have a network of trained technical Inspectors who can assist you on a pre-purchase inspection and right through to the airworthiness documentation you need. The NMAI also has an extremely solid social side to the association, most weekends there will be a fly-in to an airstrip where food and fun is the order of the day !.... the NMAI also has the "Island-Hop" event each year, this is the showcase event each year for microlighters to participate in, many travel from the UK to take part. We will even put you in touch with a local pilot in your area who will be only to happy to give you a trial flight to get you hooked !!
We also produce a bi-monthly newsletter that detail much of what is happening on the Island regarding our sport, each member receives a copy of this.
So as you can see, the NMAI is more than an association that pilots are part of, take the next step and join the community and become a NMAI member by using the on-line server or by mailing in the application form.

NMAI Forum Administrator.
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Reasons to join the NMAI
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