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 NMAI / Flying In Ireland Fly-In

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NMAI / Flying In Ireland Fly-In Empty
PostSubject: NMAI / Flying In Ireland Fly-In   NMAI / Flying In Ireland Fly-In Icon_minipostedWed Jul 11, 2012 3:54 pm

OK. 2 days to go and its shaping up well. Weather looking to be a bit mixed but certainly do-able. Hope to see you all there on Saturday and Sunday. Bar being stocked, BBQ in the afternoon earlier than last year Marquee and Saturday night entertainment all sorted.

Free camping
Secure parking for your pride and joy
No landing fees
Food on site all day
BBQ Saturday afternoon/evening
Bar on site for when the flying is finished
Some of the best facilities in the country

Fly-In or drive in.............In the words of that famous song that I cant think of the name of.........We don't care how you get here, Just get here if you can

All the best
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NMAI / Flying In Ireland Fly-In
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